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*Seeds and Things Hot Pepper Seed "Thai Hot" (Capsicum Annuum) 30+ Seeds
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Jalapeno Chile Pepper - 100 + Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK!
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Seeds and Things Numex Big Jim Chile Pepper 10 + Seeds - 12 Inches Long!!
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*Seeds and Things Hot Pepper Twilight Ornamental 15 Seeds Per Packet -Hot and Pretty-
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*Seeds and Things Trinidad Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah - Might Be the World's 2nd Hottest Chili Pepper 10 + Seeds-
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*Seeds and Things 15 Seeds: Ornamental Pepper "Explosive Ember", the Brightest Edible Ornamental Yet -- Even the Leaves Are Purple! The Purple-to-red Peppers Taste As Good As They Look.
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Seeds and Things 10 Plus Ghost Chili Pepper Seeds
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*Seeds and Things Okra Seeds - 'Red Burgundy' Vegetable Seed Packet (100 Seeds)
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Seeds and Things Amazingly Long, Sweet, Cayenne Shaped Peppers Grow to 1 Foot Long 10 Seeds Per Pack
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*Seeds and Things Peter Pepper Red Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds
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Sweet Red Pimiento Pepper 10 Plus Seeds
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*Seeds and Things 10 Plus Bhut Jolokia Pepper Seeds AKA Ghost Pepper, Pure Strain, Grown in Isolation to Insure Quality Seeds.
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