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Hot Chili Peppers Seeds - Best prices on pepper seeds

Hot pepper, chili (Capsicum annuum L.) - this is annotinous herbage plant up to 60 cm. The fruit of pepper is a large hollow long or round-shaped berry up to 20 cm in length. As of today, a great number of pepper sorts are well-known all over the world including dolichocarpous pepper with large thick-walled fruits and small-fruit (up to 1 cm) that is known as cherry pepper, different kinds of sweet pepper (from fruit pepper to extremely hot pepper).

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Pepper HOT Cayenne Long Slim Great Heirloom Vegetable 1,000 Seeds
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Pepper HOT Cayenne Long Slim Great Heirloom Vegetable Bulk 5,000 Seeds
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Package of 100 Seeds, Thin Cayenne Chile Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Non-GMO Seeds by Seed Needs
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1 oz (5,000+) RED CAYENNE SLIM HOT Pepper seeds noodle pizzas hot sauces chili tacos salsa
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Pepper HOT Hungarian Yellow WAX Great Heirloom Vegetable 75 Seeds
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300 HUNGARIAN HOT WAX PEPPER (Hot Banana Pepper) Capsicum Annuum Vegetable Seeds
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Hungarian Black Pepper 10 Seeds -Mildly Hot/Great Salsa
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Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper-100 Seeds-GARDEN FRESH PACK
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Pepper HOT Hungarian Yellow WAX Great Heirloom Vegetable 200 Seeds
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100 HUNGARIAN WAX HOT Pepper seeds YELLOW TO RED dwarf and bushy and approx. 15"
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Seeds and Things Purple Jalapeno Hot Pepper 30+ seeds --
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Todd's Seeds Jalapeno M Hot Pepper Heirloom Seed - 1g Packet
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Sorts of Chile Peppers

Cayenne pepper is also known as Indian pepper, Brazilian pepper or chili.

Chile pepper is the smallest member of capsicum family. Birthplace of chili is tropical America. Chili is popular since time of prehistoric tribes of Inca and Aztecs. There are a few chili's cultivars of different sizes. All these cultivars differ with flavor and degree of heat. Chili are red, green, yellow, orange and black, but its heat doesn't' depend on the color. For example, red chili is just mellower than green one.. Chili pepper (mircea) differs from usual red pepper with saturated color, sweetish smell and evident therapeutic action.

Pepper & Chili pepper Seeds Galore!

HABANERO (or Scotch Bonnet)
This is the hottest, most brutal chili. Wrinkled and roundish pepper has a fruit flavor. Add it whole to carry and goulashes. Remove it from a dish before serve it.

Thin sharp-cornered pepper has extremely hot flavor. Cut it to thin bands for the further using in dishes. It is often used in east cookery.

Small hot pepper in a form of a bullet. Adds heat and crunch to salsa and souses.

Snub-nosed red or green chili. Its heat could be medium or strong. Jalapeno is great with meat course and cheese. It is popular in Mexican cookery.

Large chili of a medium heat. It is good in slow-cooked or baked dishes to show up their smoked flavor.

Long large chili with soft fresh flavor. You can use it as vegetable – it is excellent for stuffing and baking. It enters into composition of different souses including ketchup and popular carry mix. The pepper is good with meat, vegetable, bean and rice courses adding them burning taste and flavor.

This year we are proud to offer dozens of popular and rare varieties of chile seeds and other pepper seeds for your 2010 garden, including Jalapeno Pepper seeds, Mustard Habanero seeds, Sante Fe Grande seeds, Ancho San Luis, Fatalii Chiles, California Wonder Bell Peppers and others.