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CINNAMON BASIL - Basil seeds - sweet flavor ~ PERFECT FOR PIES & SAUCES - Great For All Types Of Recipes (00500 Seeds - 500 Seeds - Pkt. Size)

  • CINNAMON BASIL - Basil seeds ~!!
  • sweet flavor ~!!
  • Great For All Types Of Recipes ~!!
  • Cinnamon Basil You can use Cinnamon Basil in any recipe that calls for basil. The sweet flavor is very good when used with other fruity flavored herbs. Pick the leaves and use them in cooking or put them in bottles of olive oil to make cinnamon-flavored oil. The oil would be good to use for frying apples or bananas. You can add this herb to your apple pie fillings, and it tastes great added to an apple sauce or raisin sauce for pork or ham. You can also freeze the leaves in an ice cube tray with water. Then pop them out after they freeze and store them in a plastic bag in the freezer. Drop these herb cubes into soups or sauces to add basil flavor. Cinnamon Basil can be used to make a refreshing tea. Cinnamon Basil is good for uses other than cooking, too. Some garden pests don't like the smell of it, so gardeners grow it just to keep bugs out of their gardens. On the other hand, most people like the smell of Cinnamon Basil. For that reason, it is sometimes used to make potpourri. Potpourri is a mixture of things that give off a pleasant smell, like cedar shavings, dried flowers, cinnamon bark, and dried herbs, such as Cinnamon Basil. Leave a basket of potpourri in a room, and soon the nice fragrance fills the room. How to Plant Basil PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT COVER SEEDS. SPRINKLE IN GARDEN OR START IN POTS. WHEN INTERPLANTED BASIL IMPROVES THE FLAVOR OF TOMATOES AND PEPPERS, AS WELL AS REPELLING HORNWORMS AND APHIDS. Annual. Produces long, ruffled leaves and has great basil flavor.
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